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After Your Game (2)

After your 60 minutes in the game, we like to go back and debrief you on your game. We take around 10 minutes to highlight moments of the game, go over any questions you may have, stuff like that.

After that, we head out to the lobby and will take your team photo to make it memorable and show off how well you did (or didn’t) in your game – these are posted on our Facebook page every week.

We are hooked too! There is nothing more fun than to play escape rooms back to back!

Feel free to ask us after your first game if you are interested in playing again in another room – it may not be possible, but asking your Game Master never hurts. If a room is open and we can staff it, we’d love to host your team again!

Booking Rooms/Tickets (15)

Clicking on the ‘Availability‘ button at the top of the page will provide our exact rooms and times available to buy tickets for. But below shows a quick summary of times and pricing.

Times Games Start – our typical start times are as follows (but if you call, we may be able to accommodate your group outside our normal hours).

  • Monday – Closed - Call for Options
  • Tuesday – Fridays – first games at 10:15am, staggered 15 minutes; next times starting 1 hour, 45 minutes after; last games at 7:00pm, staggered 15 minutes
  • Saturday – first games at 8:30am, staggered 15 minutes; next times starting 1 hour, 45 minutes after; last games at 7:00pm, staggered 15 minutes
  • Sunday – first games at 1:45pm, staggered 15 minutes; next times starting 1 hour, 45 minutes after; last games at 7:00pm, staggered 15 minutes
    • NOTE: Games are by Booking – No Walk-ins.

Pricing: Our tickets are priced at $26.78 +tax/fees per Player. 10% discounts automatically apply when you book 8 or more people in a room.

Anywhere from 3-8 can play our games.

A group of 2 can play all rooms except The Experiment.

We have had groups of 8+ in each of our games. Some rooms are well-suited to have a couple more players – just give us a Call or Email and we will be happy to accommodate your group.

It is highly recommended to play our rooms with at least 3 players.

We do allow 2 players to play in all games EXCEPT ‘The Experiment’, but we require 3 tickets to be purchased for a 2-player private game.

If you don’t know all of the names in your group when booking that is OK, just put “guest” in the first name section during the booking process.

Yes, that is no problem! For larger groups of 9-10 players, we recommend that you book the spot for 8 players. When your team arrives to play, we can easily add 1-2 additional players onto your game using the same payment method you used to book.

For groups of 11+ players, we recommend that your team splits into 2 games.

All of our games are PRIVATE once you book it. No one else can join in with the remaining tickets.

We recommend booking as far in advance as possible to ensure your desired date and time are available.

Payment methods accepted on our online booking system are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

If you have questions or would like to coordinate payment or reservations via an alternate method, please give us a Call or Email and we can discuss options.

Our games can be booked up until 2 hours before their start times. This is required by us for staffing Game Masters.

You may Call or email us if you want to play within those 2 hours, but note that it may be possible on short notice.

We are always happy to make anything possible for you and your group. If your visit to Alexandria MN doesn’t line up with available game times published on our website, please Call or email us with your request and we will see what we can do.

Yes, you can modify your booking after it has been made. You can change games and times, or add players. You can even cancel your booking up to 24 hours before its start time.

To get to your account simply go through the “Manage Your Bookings” link at the bottom of your confirmation email, or you can go to the Manage Your Booking link on our website to review your booking. If you have not received a confirmation email, you may have entered your email incorrectly, so email us with your date and time and we will fix it.

You can also change your reservation by Calling or Emailing us.

There are typically no refunds or rescheduling at all within 24 hours – unless something extreme or unexpected comes up out of your control. Please contact Escape Room Alexandria and we may be able to reschedule you or issue an internal account credit for a future booking.

Sorry, there are typically no refunds once you purchase tickets and no rescheduling at all within 24 hours of a start time.

If something extreme or unexpected comes up out of your control, please contact Escape Room Alexandria and we may be able to reschedule you or issue an internal account credit for a future booking.

Yes! We offer good, clean fun for your group.  Some groups have brought gifts or notes along with them when they arrive to play. We can ‘hide’ up to 3 items/gifts/notes (that you provide) into a game before the group plays. Please contact us if you have any questions!

NOTE** We reserve the right to refuse admittance to people appearing visibly intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. In this scenario, you will receive no refund or rescheduling. We take the safety of our staff and other guests very seriously. Trust us, you will do a lot better in the rooms if you have all of your wits about you! 

We will gladly work with you if you have something you’d like us to hide in a game for that special someone.

Please make a note in the comments section of your reservation so we know what to expect before you arrive – or you can simple Call or Email us with this request.

Whatever message you want us to put in a room, or something more (like a ring) or gift – either arrange to drop it off beforehand or slip it to one of our Game Master right before. We will take care of the rest!

If you want to reserve more than one room with them starting at the same time during our normal business hours, please Call or email us so we verify if this is possible and make those modifications to the time slots and games for you.

General Questions (18)

A unique live-action game where your team is locked in a room and you have 60 minutes to use your brainpower to find clues, solve puzzles and riddles, unlock mysteries, and accomplish the mission and find the final key or solution to escape! You won’t forget this experience!

You are never “REALLY” locked in and can always exit any of our games at anytime. Each game is monitored on closed circuit video with audio to communicate with your dedicated Game Master at anytime. Your safety and the ability to exit anytime are a top priority for us!

Yes and No! While we may have some rooms with low lighting, you are not completely in the dark. And if you are in a room with low lighting, we typically have multiple light sources you can use in the game. If you need more lighting, please let our staff know.

Also, just as a reminder, none of our games are intended to be scary.

Nope, no special skills or outside knowledge is required. Just be willing to search for hidden clues and related items…and to use your brain! If you are really struggling, you may reach out to the Game Master to offer you a clue and get you moving in the right direction.

You can leave your prom gown and tux at home.

Wear something comfortable – clues may be hidden all over the room and could require bending or sitting.

Dress light or in layers as our building can become toasty while the time ticks down and your adrenaline starts flowing.

If you wear reading glasses, it might be advisable to bring them.

Mobile phones are not allowed for use in our rooms. We provide lockers in our lobby/lounge area for you to lock up your valuables during your game – your phone will be safe there.

Unplugging for an hour is really OK – but if you must have it on you in case the babysitter needs to reach you or for that important business call, it is allowable. However using them to look up clues or taking photos/videos is strictly prohibited.

Each game is at most 60 minutes of playing time. If you solve the room in under 60 minutes – great job!

However, you are at Escape Room Alexandria for about 1 hour and 20 minutes to an 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your start time!! This is essential. When you arrive you will receive a quick briefing on the rules and game you are playing. Then the fun begins!

Afterward we like to debrief groups about the game and then take group photos with fun signs/props, regardless if you get out or not!

Yes, you absolutely can if you need to. You will always have access to an exit. The game will continue without you, so you will just lose some moments in the game if you need to step out.

Each game is monitored on closed circuit video with audio to communicate with your dedicated Game Master at anytime. If you are stuck you may ask them for a hint!

Our tickets are priced at $26.78 +tax/fees per Player. 10% discounts automatically apply when you book 8 or more people in a room.

Kids actually love the game, but we do have some restrictions outlined below. They will not be able to do it all on their own but they sure are good at finding things and linking things together.

  • Anyone age 14 to 17 can participate alone with a waiver (link to waiver) signed by a parent or guardian (just visit our waiver online and fill it out & digitally sign – no need to print and bring it with). This age group is perfectly suited for our games.
  • Ages 6 to 13 must have at least one participating paying adult in the game in the room with them at all times.
  • Children 5 and under are free, we do not charge for them playing.

Children 5 and under are free to come in and play the game with you only when you are booking a room privately.

Ages 6 and up will be charged at our regular rate.

Yes, a reservation is necessary as we don’t take walk-ins, but thankfully you can book online easily! Just click the ‘Availability‘ button at the top of the page to book your next adventure!

10% discounts automatically apply when you book 8 or more people in a room.

Sure! Click here to book them in player increments of 1 to 8.

The great things about Gift Certificates are: They don’t expire – Can be used for any room – Doesn’t have to be used all at once – Can be combined – You don’t have to pick a date/time or game to purchase them.


  • Not everything is a clue – some things in the room are there to “set the mood” for the game.
  • Separate and search! There is plenty to find.
  • Communicate… if you find something, let others know.
  • Record… write down what you are solving.
  • Keep the clues out in case you need to revisit them.
  • Double check each other’s answers and searches if you are stuck!
  • If you are stuck and not progressing… ask for help.

Also… Stay Safe!

  • There is no need to climb on anything… there are no clues above normal reach.
  • There are no clues in any lamps, electrical outlets, plugs or cords.
  • There are no clues in the windows so no need to play with the shades or drapes.
  • There is no excessive force or physical exertion required, so be gentle with things. No more than a finger’s pressure is needed in most cases.
  • Don’t be afraid to be silly! This is a game –  have FUN! ?

Our preferred contact method is email: send as many details as you can and we will always reply within a few hours if not immediately.

For quick questions, feel free to Call us.

Please contact us for private events outside our normal business hours. 

Location details and contact information can be found below in the page’s footer.

When You Get There (4)

There is ample parking along 8th Avenue in front of Escape Room Alexandria.

We need teams to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game start time

If your group is running behind, please call us to let us know if it’s within 10 minutes of your game start time.

We run multiple games/times per day, so this helps us ensure that you are not inconveniencing other groups that are scheduled. Additionally, our gamemasters have specific schedules , so this helps us with staffing our games properly. We want to equip our gamemasters to give you the best experience possible!

Our Waiver outlines conduct, liabilities, and policies. You break it, you buy it. The waiver is available to read online here and signed digitally! No need to print it off and bring it with! If you are unable to sign ahead of time, we have the ability for you to sign via tablets when you arrive for your experience.
If the embedded waiver on our Waiver page doesn’t work for you, please use this direct link to the waiver as an alternative place to sign.

No. Pictures and videos while playing our rooms are not allowed. But we do take your team’s photo after your experience to make it memorable and show off how well you did (or didn’t) in the game!

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