Dante’s Demise

It’s 1929, the Golden Age of magic and you are fortunate to be an apprentice to the best, Dazzling Dante, the “Duke of Deception.” His most famous trick, a version of Houdini’s Chinese water-chamber-torture trick, has just begun on the stage above, however something’s gone terribly wrong!

Who could have conspired against Dante and locked him in his trick?! Can you find out who & why and save Dante in time?!

You have an hour before Dante’s emergency oxygen supply expires! What magic can you conjure up to save him?

Best Time: 30:23
*Times shown in pictures represent 'Time Remaining'

Call or Email us if you are Booking Individually or booking a Group More than 8.

Minimum Number of Players: 2 - 2 players will be the same price as 3
Maximum Number of Players: 8
Recommended Team Size: 4-7
Difficulty: 6
Room Ratings: , ,

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