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Ray & Cindy Staton Avatar
Ray & Cindy Staton
great place!!! We had so much fun!! All 8 in our group loved it and we will be back!!!
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Sarah E Avatar
Sarah E
5 star rating
Team Building for the win! If you’re looking for a great team building activity, look no further! From beginning to end they were easy to work with and willing to make the experience work for our team. We all had a blast working through the games, easy 10 out of 10!
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Amy Konkler Avatar
Amy Konkler
I absolutely loved this place! My friends and I played two rooms while we were there, and we had a blast! We played The Experiment and Dante's Demise, and while both were a joy, The Experiment is the best escape room the three of us have played to date (and we've played over 30 rooms!) Everything in the rooms made sense, the stories were well thought out, and not overpowering the fantastic puzzles in the room. Our host made our experience truly extraordinary! They will definitely be seeing us again in the future! I couldn't recommend this place more!!
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Nattiel Peery Avatar
Nattiel Peery
We had a blast! It was my birthday and we brought our whole family including our 4 year old. The game was challenging enough but yet rewarding. We will definitely be back and, in the meantime, telling everyone how much fun we had!
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B Hines Avatar
B Hines
We had a nice experience. Well thought out room and kind host.
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Caryn Schutz Avatar
Caryn Schutz
Our family loves Escape Rooms and has played them in many different states across the nation. The Escape Room of Alexandria is BY FAR one of the best game rooms we’ve played! The ingenuity of each game, the creativity of each room and the enthusiasm of every staff member will keep myself, my family and our friends (all those that participate with us in the game) coming back again and again! Thank you Escape Room of Alexandria for another top notch business our community can be proud to have in it! PS: Saving Christmas is my favorite! I felt like I literally was in the North Pole!
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Michelle Anderson Avatar
Michelle Anderson
Very impressive room with variety of puzzles in multiple skill levels. Friendly staff and working hard to be professional and clean. Had an enjoyable time. Would certainly go back and try another room. No photos taken or details being said due to protecting room and keeping it fair and fun. Recommend this business!
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Daniel Jackson Avatar
Daniel Jackson
This was my first escape room. This place did not disappoint! Highly recommend "The Experiment" it is very challenging even for a group of 8! Sad to say we are not part of the 45% success rate😥. 5 stars all day!
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F-Troop Adventures Avatar
F-Troop Adventures
We had a ton of fun . Ages 40 down to 11. The room was super creative and challenging. The staff were all very kind and fun .
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Tori Anderson Avatar
Tori Anderson
Brought brother in law and his family, 4 adults and 2 kids 11 and 9. We had a blast. We did save Christmas and it was such a clean, family friendly, fun time.
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Jeff Herner Avatar
Jeff Herner
An amazing experience!
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Mrs Halvy Avatar
Mrs Halvy
We had a good time working together and the staff were wonderful.
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Dee Benson Avatar
Dee Benson
Lots of fun! And we saved Christmas!
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MandyJ Avatar
5 star rating
First escape room- hooked! This was my first escape room experience, and did as a couple outing. We did the room with Dante’s escape. Surprisingly satisfying puzzles and did need a few hints offered by our guide. Would definitely recommend, although they suggest a larger group. I plan to be back for the experiment!
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Jennifer M Avatar
Jennifer M
5 star rating
Tommy Bonetti’s was a hit! We offered Murder at Tommy Bonneti’s for our town celebration with the hope to offer teens something different and fun. It was a huge hit. We had to turn people away.
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