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Taylor Wheaton Avatar
Taylor Wheaton
3/27/2023 - Google
We played Saving Christmas and The Experiment. Very cute rooms with lots of whimsy. Having played around 350 rooms, I was pleasantly surprised with some unique little interactions with some... read more
Jean Michael Avatar
Jean Michael
3/08/2023 - Google
We had fun even though we didn't escape. We made progress the whole time and didn't realize we picked the hardest room. The gamemaster was awesome and I can't wait... read more
Donna Wells Avatar
Donna Wells
2/27/2023 - Google
Wow what an experience. We had the best time saving Christmas. We did it with 4 minutes 11 seconds to spare. We will be doing this again.
Dawn Adams Avatar
Dawn Adams
1/29/2023 - Google
Nice staff. Cool room. A lot of fun !
Ashly Polzin Avatar
Ashly Polzin
11/23/2022 - Google
So fun!
Frank Myers Avatar
Frank Myers
11/18/2022 - Google
Loved my time there
Lucas Plaia Avatar
Lucas Plaia
11/13/2022 - Google
Awesome rooms. Great price. We did two rooms in one day. Challenging yet fun and enjoyable. Looking for a winter outing this would be a highly recommended activity for... read more
Steve Danielson Avatar
Steve Danielson
10/21/2022 - Google
Best escape room we’ve been to yet!!
majerle9 Avatar
5 star rating
10/07/2022 - TripAdvisor
A must visit This place is amazing. I would highly recommend coming here if your in the Alexandria area. The room was amazing and we will be coming back to the area just... read more
Tammy Matton Avatar
Tammy Matton
9/30/2022 - Google
Very good place. Lots of fun The game hall she was very respectful very nice to us she stayed after hours letting us chitchat with her and she was very... read more
Keystone Living Avatar
Keystone Living
9/30/2022 - Google
Very respectful! ... very fun!
Clay Bryon Avatar
Clay Bryon
9/25/2022 - Google
Allan M Hollingsworth Avatar
Allan M Hollingsworth
9/04/2022 - Google
Was a great challenge and would love to do another one.
Jason and Melissa Hubred Avatar
Jason and Melissa Hubred
8/23/2022 - Google
Great place for families and friends to go to have fun! The staff is very friendly and the rooms are well designed and challenging. The price is very affordable.
Erin H Avatar
Erin H
5/24/2022 - Google
So much fun!! Would definitely recommend taking on the challenge with family or friends!

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