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Jeff Herner Avatar
Jeff Herner
10/22/2023 - Google
An amazing experience!
Mrs Halvy Avatar
Mrs Halvy
10/08/2023 - Google
We had a good time working together and the staff were wonderful.
Dee Benson Avatar
Dee Benson
9/02/2023 - Google
Lots of fun! And we saved Christmas!
MandyJ Avatar
5 star rating
8/19/2023 - TripAdvisor
First escape room- hooked! This was my first escape room experience, and did as a couple outing. We did the room with Dante’s escape. Surprisingly satisfying puzzles and did need a few hints offered... read more
Jennifer M Avatar
Jennifer M
5 star rating
8/13/2023 - TripAdvisor
Tommy Bonetti’s was a hit! We offered Murder at Tommy Bonneti’s for our town celebration with the hope to offer teens something different and fun. It was a huge hit. We had to turn people away.
Mike Ruckert Avatar
Mike Ruckert
7/28/2023 - Google
The Experiment was quite possibly the best escape room I've done. We had a group of 7 people there were enough puzzles to keep us all busy simultaneously.
Mayble Avatar
3 star rating
7/27/2023 - TripAdvisor
Fun and Challenging The Experiment was fun and difficult. It was disappointing that we had to ask for batteries and markers as neither were working in the room. An incorrect hint also made... read more
Nicole Aguilera Avatar
Nicole Aguilera
7/19/2023 - Google
So much fun for all ages. The right level of difficulty and full of fun! Highly recommend!
Mike Partridge Avatar
Mike Partridge
7/04/2023 - Google
Super fun and challenging puzzles! I've done several escape rooms in and around the twin cities, and the experience here in Alexandria rivals the best in the cities.
C Mill Avatar
C Mill
6/26/2023 - Google
Outstanding facility and amazing scenario. We had a blast!!
Taylor Wheaton Avatar
Taylor Wheaton
3/27/2023 - Google
We played Saving Christmas and The Experiment. Very cute rooms with lots of whimsy. Having played around 350 rooms, I was pleasantly surprised with some unique little interactions with some... read more
Jean Michael Avatar
Jean Michael
3/08/2023 - Google
We had fun even though we didn't escape. We made progress the whole time and didn't realize we picked the hardest room. The gamemaster was awesome and I can't wait... read more
Donna Wells Avatar
Donna Wells
2/27/2023 - Google
Wow what an experience. We had the best time saving Christmas. We did it with 4 minutes 11 seconds to spare. We will be doing this again.
Dawn Adams Avatar
Dawn Adams
1/29/2023 - Google
Nice staff. Cool room. A lot of fun !
Ashly Polzin Avatar
Ashly Polzin
11/23/2022 - Google
So fun!

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