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  • Christina Shaffer8/24/2020

    We did Pharaoh’s Revenge and had a blast! Amanda was an awesome game master. We loved the details in designs and the creative puzzles. Highly recommend!!

  • John M.12/23/2019
    5 star rating

    Such a great experience! I have been to Escape Room in NYC and found this location as good if not better. Was in Alec for Christmas and decided to stop... read more

  • Kelley Frieler-Bumann8/25/2019

    It's so much fun! We've done it three years in a row for my nephew's birthday and it never disappoints!

  • B624MZkimd8/03/2019
    5 star rating

    Top Escape Room I have done probably 30 escape rooms in the past 5 years. Today I went to THe Experiment at Alexandria Escape Rooms. It was one of the best ever.... read more

  • Ryan Williams4/03/2019

    Fantastic room and puzzle design. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Every room I've done with them has been an awesome time with friends and family.

  • Kelly W.11/06/2018
    5 star rating

    This place is amazing! Great friendly staff that goes above and beyond to cater to your needs! Our group has done two rooms and will be going back... read more

  • EverEclectic11/06/2018
    5 star rating

    Great activity for team building The board of directors for a nonprofit organization experienced one of the Escape Rooms for a team-building exercise. It was a hoot watching how varying people delved into solving... read more

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Hunter747 Avatar
5 star rating
8/08/2021 - TripAdvisor

Don't let the name Dante scare you out of trying this After rolling through Fargo and on our way back to Minneapolis, we stopped in Alexandria to try out Escape Rooms Alexandria.
First off, Alexandria has a really cute and bustling...
read more

Finn F. Avatar
Finn F.
5 star rating
8/06/2021 - Yelp

Fun and creative! We met the owners who are avid escape room experts. We had a great time!

Matt Mogensen Avatar
Matt Mogensen
7/31/2021 - Google

This was our first experience doing an escape room. This was an absolute ball and great experience.....we are hooked! Very professional staff that does an awesome job with... read more

Nikki Evenson Avatar
Nikki Evenson
7/28/2021 - Google

This was my husband and my first time in an escape room. As I was very nervous, we were immediately reassured and calmed by our hostess. We had the most... read more

Jeremy Schuman Avatar
Jeremy Schuman
7/18/2021 - Google

Was awesome!!!!! Very challenging but fun for all!!!!!

Jeff Polsean Avatar
Jeff Polsean
7/07/2021 - Google

Challenging but still fun and very group friendly!

Shane Lemke Avatar
Shane Lemke
7/05/2021 - Google

This place is so great! Our entire group had an absolute blast, it exceeded all of our expectations! The hostess is very kind and helpful! Every member of our group... read more

robwW8108JN Avatar
5 star rating
6/28/2021 - TripAdvisor

Back-to-Back Fun! Amazingly creative, challenging, and engaging -- we had so much fun with Pharoah's Revenge that we immediately booked The Experiment for back-to-back fun. Thanks again for a thoroughly entertaining afternoon!

Frances Arredondo Avatar
Frances Arredondo
6/03/2021 - Google

We had an awesome time! Can't wait to try another room.

nini home Avatar
nini home
4/26/2021 - Google

This was my first experience and it was very hard.

Laura Winarske Avatar
Laura Winarske
4/25/2021 - Google

So much fun!

Kevin Moos Avatar
Kevin Moos
1/25/2021 - Google

Fun, challenging, and well-designed escape rooms. We played all 4! Lots of teamwork and communication required, which is great to see. Definitely worth a pit stop between Fargo and Minneapolis,... read more

Nicole Botzet Avatar
Nicole Botzet
12/27/2020 - Google

Must try.
Great team building activity.
Family fun.

Briggs Orr Avatar
Briggs Orr
11/09/2020 - Google

LOVE IT!!! Literally the best customer service ever and the nicest people ever. Most fun escape rooms ever ❌🧢.

Garin Cernich Avatar
Garin Cernich
11/09/2020 - Google

Lindsay is a G!! Funnest escape room ever!

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