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Team Building

Team Building

Planning a corporate, sports, or team building event? Our fun & challenging games are designed for cooperation and working together! It’s a great way for your office or group to get out and experience a quality team building exercise.

Party for Special Events

Special Events

If you are looking for a unique experience for a birthday party, kid parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or special event we can help you make it happen! Call us with the details and we can help make your experience special!

Challenging Puzzles

Challenging Puzzles

Escape Room Alexandria creates a series of fun & challenging puzzles in a themed space where you have sixty minutes to work together to solve them and win! Work quickly before your time runs out!

Fun for Everyone!

Fun for Everyone

Escape Room Alexandria is a real-life escape adventure game. Explore themed rooms, find clues & solve puzzles to escape or complete an objective and win! We have games for ages 8 and up that everyone will love!

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