The Experiment

Dr. Jekyll, your favorite professor, invited you to his office. Upon arriving, you discover that his alter-ego, the sinister Mr. Hyde has trapped you there! Hyde will return in 60 minutes and you will become his next Test Subjects for his alter-ego serum when he returns!

You will be the Experiment if you can’t escape the mad scientist!

You have only one hour to escape by using the clues that Dr. Jekyll has around his office….. or you will become Hyde’s next Experiment!

Best Time: 40:02
*Times shown in pictures represent 'Time Remaining'

Call or Email us if you are Booking Individually or booking a Group More than 8.

Minimum Number of Players: 3
Maximum Number of Players: 8
Recommended Team Size: 6-8
Difficulty: 8
Room Ratings: , , ,

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