Murder at Tommy Bonetti’s

A play-from-home, Detective-style Escape Game

Did you hear about the murders that took place at Tommy Bonetti’s exclusive club the other night?

Tommy wants to keep things all ‘in the family’ and ensure justice is served, so he has used his influence to obtain the evidence gathered by police.  He is now requesting your assistance to identify the shooters.  

This play-at-home game will put your deductive reasoning and puzzle solving skills to the test! 

Play the game hosted by a Gamemaster, or host it yourself!


  • $ 99 – 1 game set unhosted (1-6 players)
  • $149 – 2 game sets unhosted (4-12 players)
  • $199 – 3 game sets unhosted (6-18 players)

HOSTED by a Gamemaster

  • $119 – 1 set hosted (1-6 players)
  • $179 – 2 sets hosted (4-12 players)
  • $239 – 3 sets hosted (6-18 players)

Murder at Tommy Bonetti’s….
Put your crime investigation skills to work to figure out who-dun-it!

We have 3 sets of this game, so groups of 1-18 players can be accommodated.  This game takes between 40-80 minutes to play for most groups.

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