Pharaoh’s Revenge

The recent discovery of a pyramid led you to assemble a team of leading archaeologists intent on reaching the Pharaoh’s inner tomb and discovering the identity of this Mysterious Egyptian king.

Many teams have ventured into the pyramid before… but few have escaped!

You must discover the inner tomb, identify the Pharaoh, and escape within 60 minutes, or else you too may fall victim to the Pharaoh’s Curse!

Best Time: 38:17
*Times shown in pictures represent 'Time Remaining'

Call or Email us if you are Booking Individually or booking a Group More than 8.

Minimum Number of Players: 2 - 2 players will be the same price as 3
Maximum Number of Players: 8
Recommended Team Size: 6-8
Difficulty: 8.5
Room Ratings: , ,

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